Peggy performs with a variety of music ensembles from solo, duo, trio,
quartet to quintet along with larger ensembles such as big bands and full orchestra.
She performs as a leader, a featured artist, and as a sideman / accompanist for other artists.

Peggy Duquesnel Quartet
Peggy Duquesnel – Piano / Vocals
Michael Higgins – Guitar
Dave Owens – Drums
Ernie Nunez – Bass

Peggy Duquesnel Trio

Peggy Duquesnel – Piano / Vocals
Chris Wabich – Drums
Kevin Axt – Bass

Peggy Duquesnel Quintet
Peggy Duquesnel – Piano / Vocals
Grant Geissman – Guitar
Jay Mason – Sax / Flute
Dave Owens – Drums
Ernie Nunez – Bass

Peggy Duquesnel with Joyspring Jazz Ensemble

The ensemble features:
Bruce Babad, Ann Patterson, Tom Luer, Chuck Erdahl, Jennifer Hall
Mike Zelazo, Francisco Torres, Joey Sellers, Len Wicks
Matt Fronke, Dr. Walt Simonsen, Jeff Bunnell, Ron Stout, Jeff Held
Peggy Duquesnel — piano & vocals, Donovan Raitt — guitar, Michael Higgins — guitar,
Ernie Nunez — upright & electric basses, Mark Converse — drums

The concert is performed live at Concordia University in Irvine for the “Concerts on the Green” Summer Series


Educational Clinics Available:
The Craft of Songwriting
Composing and Arranging Styles
Vocal Performance Techniques
Jazz Improvisation & Theory
Improvisation for the Piano
Guest with College Jazz Ensemble
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